my new hair....

This is me. With my new hair do. Its not styled very well here. I've had it better.

Ok so a few months ago my son was being very annoying (typical 5 year old)

He has a few imaginary friends. Bob and Austin.
Bob is....I don't know....All I know is he has red eyes that glow in the dark.
Austin looks just like Austin and has the same name and everything.

So back to my story...
So he was being his normal most annoying self so I said,
"why don't you go play with Austin"
Austin said " I can't Austin is on vacation, he went on a boat to the beach"
So I was like ok whatever he's just using his imagination.

Well tonight Austin was in the kitchen putting something in the garbage and he was talking about something so I said, "Really?"

HE SAID, " mom, I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to my imaginary friend Austin. He's back from vacation now cause he took another boat"


Maybe he really does see someone.....

Its so weird what kids remember or what they come up with.

My one friend says she still to this day remembers her imaginary friends. They changed their clothes and hair and they were always around. I think its odd but then again I didn't have any imaginary friends. I'm starting to feel left out...


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