Ok. So I was going to post this on my last post. This is one of the places I'm going. Its called Coki Beach. Its in St Thomas! CAN'T WAIT!

My last post....for awhile

Hello folks. This will be my last post for a little while. I am going on vacation. TO SUNNY CARIBBEAN! Well I hope its sunny. Forecast doesn't look so nice. Oh well, at least its warmer than here!

So I leave tomorrow and I'm gone for 10 days! I'm taking my laptop so I'll try to do a few post's one day. Show off some pics ;)

Well I'm off. Stay tuned for A TON of pics next week!!!

CT- CuddleBeez Scraps

I forgot to post my wonderful CT project. This kit is called Family Man By CuddleBeez Scraps. And you can purchase this kit at Bouquet of Pixels, Digital Scrapbooking Studios, and Butterfly Bush.

Also if you go to CuddleBeez Scraps blog you will see she has alot of freebies. She posts some daily freebies and she also has a free kit called Timothy right now.

Also there is a list on the right hand side labeled "my freebies" go through and download. They are pretty awesome!

So I have 3 days left til vacation and I'm panicking that I don't have everything I need to go. Sunscreen, bathing suit, dress clothes, soap shampoo, I should be good right? ha ha ha!!!

I hope I don't forget anything. I don't want to have to buy it on the ship. $$$$$ So expensive. To sit and have a beer is going to cost us minimum $9. YIKES! Oh well. We'll have fun!

CT - Totally Twisted - Play Ball

So here is one of the new kits I've received. The designer is Tracy from Totally Twisted Scraps
and the kit can be purchased at Enchanted Studio Scraps for $4. Tracy is offering a free QP over at her blog so go check it out!

Here are my two layouts I've completed with the kit.
Even tho my son has never played baseball I hope some day he will.

My new project

My sister is due to have a baby any days...well really she isn't due until the end of March. BUT this baby has decided it needs to come early. According to the protein tests the baby should be here before the end of the week. That putting the baby about 5 weeks premature! YIKES! and the doctors think the baby is small. Only about 4lbs. Thats tiny. So...I've made a few things for her. a few preemie hats and booties and of course a blanket. Love making baby blankets.

Here is a preemie hat and booties. Just plain.
I made a flower that can be attatched with a safety pin.

Here is the same set in yellow! With the flower

The green set with a flower.

The yellow set with a different flower.

The blanket I made. I don't know if my sister is having a boy or girl. So I made it green and yellow! How boring! I hate green and yellow! I also threw in some blue! Not my favorite colors to make for a baby but....I'm going on holidays and the baby will be born probably right before or during so I won't have time to whip something up.

Its getting close

We are now down to 9 days...well....8 days...today is almost over. VACATION! I can't wait.

Its sad tho....Doug is trying to get in as much work as he can before we go. So he didn't even get a chance to come home between trips this time. I SO SAD..........

Bag is almost packed. Still need a few things. Must do laundry the night before we go so my son has clothes to wear... and Doug...lol... Also need to pick up a few necessities...
...like sunscreen, sunglass, and a beach towel.

YES!!! I'm rubbing it in!!!

Ok. So now I have a few things to share.

Our sledding afternoon!

The dog being crazy.

Always a nut job.

And here are some layouts that I've made recently. LOVING the scrapbooking...

Challenge #1 Layout...

Here is the layout I created for my other blog that my dear dear friend Chelsea and I have. Its all about scrapbooking! The Scrap Yard is having a weekly challenge. This weeks challenge is to do a layout all about yourself. So this is mine. Pics of ME! lol....AND of course my layout is completely digital. I don't have the patience to do the traditional scrapbooking. I love how it looks in the end, but still no patience!

Please join. Lots of fun. Meet friends. Get SCRAPPIN'! The Scrap Yard.

This layout is completed with a variety of freebies. Most found on DigiScrap Depot. They list alot of the freebies out there that people are offering. Check them out too.

A wintery morning

Yet again I woke up this morning to the beautiful ice fog. It makes everything so beautiful. So after I dropped my son off at school I stopped and took a few pictures.

This is that the Birds of Prey center. In the spring this will be full of Canada Geese, Snow Geese, and local ducks!

This is the strings hanging of my moss planters.

The tree in our front yard at sunrise.

A plant that is left over from last summer.

The tree in our front yard again!


Hello all my loyal followers, all 8 of you. LOL....

My friend and I started a new scrapbooking blog. The Scrap Yard. We are having a weekly scrap challenge. We are going to pick a theme and/or sketch and that is what the challenge will be. So come check us out

Ok so on a sad note. I am SO mad at my sister lately that I've deleted her as a friend off facebook. I have enough issues with my self image, depression, or just being down in the dumps that I've decided I don't need to listen to all her "poor me" ranting and raving. If it ain't one thing its another with her. Poor me my kids are sick. Poor me my husband is a trucker and never home. Poor me I live in a shit hole. Poor me I'm home with two bratty kids. Poor me I live in 'this' town. LIKE COME ON! She is only in that position because of herself. And you know what makes her complain more.....is that she KNOWS that she is in this position because of herself. AHH! so I am no longer talking to her....for now.... Ok so I have that out...I feel BETTER...

My layouts!

Here are a few layouts I've done. Some I have already posted but I thought I would post again.

The first two are made with "Its a girl thang" by Totally Twisted Scraps.

The next three are made with "Marmelade" by CuddleBeez Scraps

As you can see many different looks can be created with just one kit. Both designers have some GREAT kits. Check them out. CuddleBeez at Bouquet of Pixels or Digital Scrapbooking Studio and Totally Twisted at Enchanted Studio Scraps.

I'm waiting patiently for my next kits to come so I can get started. Having alot of fun with them. Until then I will continue to scrap!

A new CT member...

Well I've been accepted to be a CT member for another great designer.

My first CT is CuddleBeez. Her most recent kit is called Marmelade.It is available at Bouquet of Pixels and Digital Scrapbooking Studio. It comes with 12 papers and 36 elements.

I've already posted a layout I've made with this kit. Here. But I will repost that layout and a new one I made yesterday with that kit later. :D

This is my newest CT I have been selected to be a member of. Its called Totally Twisted Scraps. her kit is called "Its a girl thang". Great stuff in it. Her kit is available at Enchanted Studio Scraps

This is one layout I've completed with the kit. I know its a girl thang...but I only have a boy...so I made its a boy thang....lol

I will return this evening to post some more layouts. I'm very excited to be a part of each Creative Team. Thank you Brenda(CuddleBeez) and Tracy and Amanda(Totally Twisted Scraps). LOVE DIGISCRAPPIN'