creative block, etc

The last few days I've had severe creativity block (like writers block) I don't seem to have anything in me. But I'm blaming this nagging back ache/head ache/neck ache that I've been suffering with. So I've decided that I'm going to make my self a few bags. Since I NEVER make myself anything....I'm so bad. Constantly making things for others......Which I have a plan to make two bags for my friends. They both have bag So this is the bag I'm making....
Except I'm making it in grey, purple, saphire blue, and dark blue. For my sister in law I'm going to make it cream and greens and maybe tan. For my friend Teresa I'm going to make it black, tan, cream, and red. I'll post pics when I'm done! :D

So since I've complete my CT duties for this set of kits I've been sitting here waiting patiently for the next set to come out. Making a layout here and there. I love free things and I get excited knowing that I'm going to get more. Love digiscrap! Yes I said it again! Can't wait to start the next set.

So this weekend I must start going through my sons clothes and figuring out what I need to get him for out vacation. I bought him dress pants and brought them home and found out the are TOO can a size 6 dress pant be smaller then a size 6 regular pants???!?!?!?! So tired of nothing ever been uniform. So I have to take them back and try to find him something else. Wish we had a decent used store here. I also REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get back on the wagon and lose 10lbs and then find some clothes to wear on the cruise! I have a few things that will fit if I lose a dress size but Still working on it..... :D

Night! Have a good weekend....If I finish my bag(s) I'll be back to post pics....


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