A photo a day...Jan 26 2010

Since I claim to be a 'photographer' I thought I would start my Photo-A-Day again. Took a bit of a break. Need something that I can look forward to everyday! So since I've missed "a few" days of photos I'll post a few.

This is my son skating for the first time. I have to get him one of those stands. The rink does not provide them. And he is afraid to go on the ice without them.

This is my wreath on my front door after the 3 days of ice fog that we had last week.

Our WEIRD dog, Zoey. She sits on her butt like that all the time. And she spends alot of time with her chin resting on the window sill looking outside.

Zoey again be WEIRD. Weirdest dog I have ever owned.

AND HERE IS MY PHOTO FOR TODAY! ok so there is two pictures for today


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