New Blog

Hello everyone. My friend and I have started a new blog about arts, crafts, and general fun decorating. We are currently doing the countdown to Christmas and a blog giveaway. The more followers the more fun. Come check us out. Sweet Maple Creations.

Nothing really else new going on. I've been of the wagon for 3 weeks now. Between syatic nerve issues and being sick I haven't been able to really exercise. But tonight I'm getting back on the treadmill. I've done so well. 25lbs lost in the last year. most in the last 6 months. So as soon as I go shopping its back on the diet and back on the treadmil. I have to get back up to running again. I want to run a 1/2 marathon or something in the spring or at the latest next fall. I'm excited and its such an accomplishment.

Going on a carribean cruise in Feb. I can't wait. And after we get to spend 2 days in Miami. I have approx 3 months to continue to lose weight. I could easily lose another 30lbs. I need to keep on it tho. I'd be happy with another 15-20. its a constant battle and I need to keep on it.

any advice? I'll take any advice anyone wants to give. As long as its positive.


ok so it's been super long and i'm not even going to use the shift key or upper case letters. its late and i just want to say hi and let everyone know how things are going.

i've been doing some things to try to lose weight. i've lost 12lbs in the last month and a half. i'm pretty happy about that. so this is what i've been eating....

3 egg omelet with veggies and a small piece of fruit
a protein shake made as instructed except only 1/2 the amount of protein powder

1 protein bar

a salad, no dressing(although I have a small bit) with veggies and meat(chicken, turkey, salmon, or tuna)

a handful of low sodium nuts(almonds) and 3-5 whole wheat triscuts

rice, veggies, and a palm size amount of meat


so this is what i eat daily and it seems to be working. i've also been trying to do this couch-5k running program on the treadmil. currently on week 4 but i haven't run in 4 days so i may have to go back a week.

but thats about all thats been happening other than halloween, birthday planning, and xmas presents......