I'm a bad mom...

First I'll start by telling you how bad my after noon was and how bad a mom I am. My son goes to school from 8:30-3:20. I run a dayhome so on school days I normally have to pack up all the kids to take my son to school. Well yesterday my husband was home and he took him to school in the morning and then came home and went to sleep. Well....he's a very deep sleeper. So I tried a few times through out the day to wake him up. Then about 3:40 I went into the bedroom and he woke up and was like "what time is it?"
I said "its almost 4"
He was like "where's Austin?"
And like an idiot I said " OH SHIT, I FORGOT!"
I FORGOT my 5 year old son at school. He was supposed to be picked up 25 mins before. OMG! I felt HORRIBLE.
So Doug got up and watched the dayhome kids while I FLEW to the school to get my son. He was practically the only kid left in the school. Won't be doing that again.....

But since everyone I told has told me that I'm not the only one. It happens alot. Someone told me that someone they know went shopping at Ikea, put their kid in the daycare and forgot they were there. Now they live in a town that is almost 2 hours away from the city that Ikea was in. The got home and realized what they had done and had to drive back. Now I'm sure that parent was FREAKING out....

HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR CHILD SOMEWHERE? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!!!!

Ok so here is my newest layout for CuddleBeez Scraps. I'm really in love with her stuff. This kit is called Polly Anna. I've of course used it for a boy.
You can purchase this kit at Bouquet of Pixels. It is currently on sale so hurry and get it. I think I might have to make a blog background with this one. Love these colors.

So on to the next layout which will be made with the kit Whispers of Love. Also can be purchased at Bouquet of Pixels. Click here to go directly to the kit.


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