A mouse in my house

Sitting here last night waiting to go out I see something out of the corner of my eye. And there sitting under the edge of the stove is a mouse. It was quite large. I hate mice(among other creepy crawly things). So I went and bought mouse traps today. I don't want the task of cleaning mouse traps. BUT....since I'm the only adult in the house at this time I suppose its my duty.

Feeling kinda down today. Its finally hit that my hubby won't be home until the 15th. That will make him gone away from home for 22 days. IT SUCKS! I hate having him gone so long. Its not a normal thing for us. But his load just happens to take this long to get loaded :( I don't know how I will manage another 12 days without him. Life as a truckers wife sucks!
Ok so this is my picture of the day. I think its neat.


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