The dog did what?!?!

So I'm sitting here downloaded pictures and checking out what they actually look like, very hard to see on the camera, and I hear this sound. So, I turn around and our stupid dog is standing with her front paws on a kitchen chair eating a cookie off the table! GRRRR! I could have killed her. We have gone over a year without her having these types of bad habits. Thankfully she learns fast and this will be the one and only time it happens.

I am starting to get very frustrated with my 4 year old. Everytime I say no he starts the completely fake cry noise but still has tears. Not sure if they are forced. But I'm thinking its fake cause he can stop it just as quick as he starts it. I don't know what to do. I've tried giving him a time out. I've tried taking things away. I've tried cutting down his bed time. Nothing seems to be working. I sure hope its just a phase. Sure seems like the "terrible twos" that most people go throught at 18m-3years. GRRR! Right at this momment he is freaking out cause I won't let him have a juice box. There is juice in the fridge that he can have and the juice boxes are for school. GRRRR! Am I just being mean/anal/strict or something else about this. I just don't get it. I'm the mom. I said NO! That should be the end of it...

Picture of the Day
Ok so yet again today it was rather miserable out but I still I have a few pictures that I really like. So here they are...


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