another weekend come and gone....

It sunday night, I'm exhausted, and my son is being a brat. I put him to bed early tonight cause enough was enough. Too many late nights and long days. He is still talking to himself but at least he isn't in my face yelling at me. Yet now I'm sitting arguing with a 4 year old cause he says its still day time cause its not dark outside. I getting SO frustrated. I don't know what to do. I have another week + till "D" comes home. Not sure how to handle it. I want to crawl into bed in cry. The weather is not helping at all. I want to get outside and do some gardening. The lawn needs mowed yet again. It never ends. I laugh at these moms who complain cause they can never get anything done cause they constantly have to deal with their kids and they never get a break. HA! They can go to hell. I normally have 3-5 kids in my house and I seem to get ALOT done all day everyday. Not the outdoor stuff. I do that after they go home. But my child is still here.

Ok. So I don't want this to be a complet bitch fest so I am going to post my pictures and call it a night. I took a few pics today but yet again it was cold and miserable. Not sure whats going on with the weather this year. The first is a book. Pretty much all I did today was read. And the other is a geranium flower.


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