Friday night depression

Its midnight, Friday. The weather is rainy and cold and I find myself sitting here, alone, drinking a beer. There is absolutely nothing on TV so I find myself watching stupid old movies. Like Naked Gun: Police Squad. What am I thinking! Should I just go to bed or actually watch the movie and have another beer? I miss my boyfriend. He has now been gone for 12 days. It sucks ass. I miss him terribly and I want him to be home. I am in desperate need of physical contact. And not the kind a child or friend can give. A hug from the man you love is completely different than one anyone else can give. Just having him in the same room seems to relax me. So I suppose I will finish my beer, maybe have another, and watch this stupid movie. They really need to put more entertaining shows on at night.

So since the weather was miserable today I didn't get out take any pictures. I improvised inside. This is a picture of the top of a beer bottle. I think it looks kinda neat.


psychoticbanshee June 6, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

I think this picture is super neat.

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