My new project

My sister is due to have a baby any days...well really she isn't due until the end of March. BUT this baby has decided it needs to come early. According to the protein tests the baby should be here before the end of the week. That putting the baby about 5 weeks premature! YIKES! and the doctors think the baby is small. Only about 4lbs. Thats tiny. So...I've made a few things for her. a few preemie hats and booties and of course a blanket. Love making baby blankets.

Here is a preemie hat and booties. Just plain.
I made a flower that can be attatched with a safety pin.

Here is the same set in yellow! With the flower

The green set with a flower.

The yellow set with a different flower.

The blanket I made. I don't know if my sister is having a boy or girl. So I made it green and yellow! How boring! I hate green and yellow! I also threw in some blue! Not my favorite colors to make for a baby but....I'm going on holidays and the baby will be born probably right before or during so I won't have time to whip something up.


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