"He's still on vacation...."

Kids say the funniest things sometimes. Or say things that 5 year olds should not be saying. Like....

"That's convenient"
"I'm incapable"
"You're making me cranky mom"

And the funny thing is he knows when and how to use certain words and what they mean. He's only five.

I currently have a day home and take care for 4 kids. Austin gets pretty upset some days when they are all here cause the two 5 year old girls tend to play together and leave him out. Today they were all playing and the girls were play ring-around-the-rosey. WELL....Austin decided that he didn't want to do that and that they should all play cars. The girls didn't want to so he threw a little fit. So I told him to play with "bob" cause he would like to play cars. Now, "bob" is one of Austin's imaginary friends. Austin just looks at me and says "Bob is still on vacation, he's on a beach and had to take a boat to get there". Now where did that come from?

Things have been a bit hectic around here. Preparing for Christmas and family coming is hard. I also have to do it all by myself. Doug went to work on the 4th and won't be home until the 22nd. I hate his job! But there is really nothing I can do. It really sucks. I just have to suck it up and get everything done. Shopping, wrapping, preparing for guests. At least a few people have decided not to come so we don't need to find someplace for them to sleep. I thought it was going to be so jam packed with people in our house.....

My weightloss has not been going very well this last month. I really need to get back on track. The eating hasn't been too bad which is probably the reason for not gaining. But I still need to lose. I've been sitting at 193 for the last few weeks. I really need to get down. I'm hoping to be at least 170 by cruise time. HOPING!!! Thats 20lbs in just under 2 months. I can do it. I just have to get at it. Exercise everyday! AND STICK TO THE DIET! I really am trying but stress some how makes everything go caput!

So tonight, instead of exercising, I spent 3 hours trying to make a button for my blog. I could NOT get it to work. GRRRrrrrr!!! Its very frustrating. Especially when you are following very specific instructions and then.....nothing! Oh well I'll get {mis} adventures to help me in the morn....OR WAIT!!! SHE CAN JUST MAKE ME ONE!!!! since she's an expert at it! ;)


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