and the countdown begins

2 sleeps until my dad comes. I'm very much looking forward to having Christmas with him. Its been WAY too long. Probably the last Christmas I've spend with my dad was back in 1995! WAY TOO LONG!

4 sleeps until Doug comes home. And with him will be his sister and his mom. I'm excited for them to come. Neither of them have been to our house and we've lived here for 2 years!

7 sleeps until we can open presents. FINALLY it will be over with for another year!

62sleeps until we board the plain for Dalas, 63 sleeps til we leave Dalas and go to Miami and get on a boat for a whole week in the Caribean!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

I'm in the process of knitting my self a tanktop/camisole type shirt. I can't wait until its done! I'll post pics for sure!

We went on a kindergarten field trip today. Interesting.... 5 kindergarten classes with 15-18 kids in it each. We went to the gymnastics club. The kids had a blast so I guess thats what matters.

Other then us having sore throats and runny noses all is good right now....I MUST stay on track next until at least the 24th. Then I can take a few days off. THEN BACK ON TRACK! I'm hoping for at least 10 more pounds lost before vacation.....Well I'd take 10 but I'm aiming for 20! Wish me luck!


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